Mozart & the Mind 2019 Calendar of Events

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Mainly Mozart Festival Opening Concert with Derek Paravicini
Thursday, May 30 | The Conrad, La Jolla | BUY TICKETS8:00pm – Concert with Derek Paravicini, piano
10:00pm-11:00pm – VIP Reception

Mozart & the Mind ShowcaseList of Presenters and Artists
Friday, May 31 | Allen Airways Flying Museum, Gillespie Field, El Cajon | BUY TICKETS


Temple Grandin – Keynote Presentation
Alex Pruetting – Piano
Victoria Rose Womble- Vocals
Chi-Ling Wu – Piano and more
Clayton Freeman – Sax
Adam Mandela Walden – Cello
Derek Paravicini – Piano

Mozart & the Mind Symposium & Expo Day OneList of Presenters and Artists
Saturday, June 1 | Irwin M. Jacobs Qualcomm Hall | BUY TICKETS

11:00am-4:00pm – Symposium & Expo
4:00pm-4:45pm – Books signing
5:00pm-7:00pm – Temple Grandin keynote; Derek Paravicini concert

Day one: The power of investing time, energy and resources into uncovering interests and nurturing strengths, rather than exclusively addressing problems or challenges.

Saturday Speakers include:
Thomas Iland – Charismatic Speaker and Autistic Advocate
Temple Grandin – Keynote Presentation: Finding Your Inner Mozart
Kristine Barnett – Mozart in Flashcards & Physics
Dr. Darold Treffert (Video) – The Savant Syndrome: Those Incredible “Islands of Genius”
Dr. Edlyn Peña & Diego Peña – Mozart in Prose
Annette & Matteo Musso – Mozart in Poetry
Dr. Rosa Martinez – Mozart in Paint
Dr. Thomas Fabricus – Mozart Decoding – Hyperlexia
Bryan Mischler & Vivian Hazell – Neurodiversity and Strength-Based Transitions to Adulthood

San Diego Regional Center Clients:

The San Diego Regional Center will cover one Saturday Only pass to June 1, or one All Access pass to June 1 and 2.


Call Mainly Mozart at (619) 239-0100, ext 2.

We will take your name, billing address, phone number and email address, along with your credit card number, and hold one pass. You will only be charged if you do not attend the event. If you reserve a pass and cannot attend the event, you must let the Mainly Mozart Box Office know by May 30 to avoid being charged. If you need further financial assistance, please contact the Box Office.

Mozart & the Mind Symposium & Expo Day TwoList of Presenters and Artists
Sunday, June 2 | The Auditorium at TSRI, La Jolla | BUY TICKETS

11:00am-4:00pm – Symposium & Expo

Day two: Practical Strategies to help families and professionals amplify and expand interests, strengths or talents, culminating in an interactive expert panel addressing questions from the audience.

Sunday Speakers include:
Thomas Iland – Charismatic Speaker and Autistic Advocate
Dr. Susan Baum – Keynote Presentation: What is Twice Exceptionality?
Dr. Assal Habibi – Music and the Brain
Blythe Lagasse & Michelle Hardy – The Role of Music Therapy
Chantal Sicile-Kira – A Guide to Understanding, Empowering and Living a Full Life
Keri Bowers – Autism, Art and Film
Dr. Laurence A. Becker, PhD – FIERCE LOVE and ART, a film about Autism and Creative Genius

Panel Discussion – Finding Mozart Building Blocks for Enrichment Programs

Films from the University of Exeter’s Exploring Diagnosis Project featuring artists from the Art of Autism

Mozart & the Mind Concert Showcase: Music, Inspiration and Autism
Sunday, June 2 | Bread and Salt, Logan Heights | FREE EVENT – REGISTER FOR TICKETS

7:00pm – Concert

A night of music and inspiration featuring pianist ChiLing Wu, cellist Adam Mandela Walden, saxophonist/pianist Alexander Pruetting and other autistic musicians.

All programming subject to change. Financial assistance is available. Please email [email protected] or [email protected].